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Colleges ask firms for reports on internships

Banglore: With the job market still uncertain and campus recruitment not at its best, many institutes in the city are taking steps to ensure that students take their internships seriously. Unlike previous years, colleges are asking for confidential reports fromemployers about students' performance during the internship.

"Many companies give the same letter to the interns. So it becomes difficult for us to actually evaluate their performance. That is the reason why we try to get confidential reports from the company. In addition to this, the students are asked to make a presentation which will be followed by a viva-voce," said John J Kennedy, Associate Dean of Social Sciences and Languages, Christ University.

The feedback report would cover information about the strengths and weaknesses of the student. The students are rated on the basis of competence, regularity at work, interaction with other staff members and other such criteria.

The feedback mechanism helps to create a credible image in the minds of the employers, say academics.

"Interning with a good employer is not an easy job any more. Many employers do not allow students to do internship, if they are not in the list of preferred colleges. So it is important for institutions to set a good record for the employers," said S Yuvaraj, senior mentor, Bhavan- NIFTE School of Business.

We also interact with the HR team for a useful feedback," he added.

Green is the season's flavour in Bangalore's colleges

Bangalore: As world leaders are engaged in protracted negotiations for arriving at an agreement on saving mother earth at the Copenhagen climate summit, colleges here are doing their bit to the cause of nature. Many colleges have adopted green themes for their campus festivals this season.

Mount Carmel College (MCC) hosted a seminar entitled Avani 09: Earth Matters recently to spread awareness about the relevance of environmental science.

"Our aim was to throw light on the scope and significance of environmental science," said Meghna Das, a final year student, department of environmental sciences, MCC.

Organised by the students and the faculty of the department of environmental science and communication studies, the seminar focused on the need to lead a responsible and eco-friendly community life. The event was sponsored by the Universities Grants Commission. RV College of Engineering also organised many events to spread the green message. The department of industrial engineering and management conducted walkathons to spread the importance of goinggreen.

"The biotechnology department also conducted a week-long campaign -- Go Green on the campus," said Shobha M Raju, a student of the department. "Such festivals give us an opportunity to highlight environmental issues to a wider student community. An initiative by the youth gets larger acceptance in the society," she said.

The green trend began a few months back during Evigna2010, the annual cultural fest of Bhavan Marshall Institute of Management. "We handed over a green banner to the governor. We wanted our policy-makers to open their eyes to the cause of mother earth," said S Yuvaraj, a senior mentor at the Bhavan-NIFTE School of Business.