Wish all my friends, collegues one and all.. seasons greetings and an eventful year 2017"

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About Me

I could be best described as a techno savvy guy, businessman, fashion consultant, musician, and community catalyst... I have many, many descriptions yet I am not a family man….ha ha ….ha.. but in the end, there is only one me, and this page gives you a brief background.

My Hobbies

  • Music RecordingsMy first shows began in the early nineties, we formed a small music group and then on... did few music recordings, Today too...I mix songs in the console... a Pass time... quite ameturish anyway..
  • Tour and TravelPlanning for a small trip on bikes..(Still to find a good group). Only thing in india its quite dangerous biking....trust me.. u will find .. potholes, speed breakers, diversions....all at once... hmm...

Snap shot of my journey


(Meaning: May all people live in peace and be happy, may all the world live in peace and be happy)

Today! I own a couple of businesses, an educational institution and off course my event management company… I enjoy event management and especially reaching out to the masses and educating them and counseling them in practicalities of life.

My Credits & acknowledgements to:


My sincrere credits and acknowledgements to all the CEC students, Graduation students, my fashion models one and all.

My thanks and acknowledgements to: MIRIAM MAKEBA –“Malaika” the original single in swahali and my thanks to Afrihound woof…for his presentatiion complementing a great singer and off course… a wonderful composition…

My thanks and acknowledgements to all my mom, dad, close friends, collegues, well wishers, and students .... without ur contributions my dreams, aspirations would not have been possible. ... thanks one and all...