My Story

I could be best described as a techno savvy guy, businessman, fashion consultant, musician and community catalyst... I have many, many descriptions yet I am not a family man….ha ha ….ha.. but in the end, there is only one me, and this page gives you a brief background.

I was born on a chirstmas eve in my beautiful country “INDIA” to my Indian Mom and Dad. I completed my primary schooling and graduated in Electronics and multi discipline engineering from a premier institution at the Silicon Valley of India “Bangalore". Following my graduation I joined a public limited networking company at Bangalore. I humbly submit my credits to my mentors Sri. Ranganathanji & Sri. Sridharji and others, these noble souls have guided me to shape my career. Apart from being in an engineering profile ... as a passion I used to organise music concerts/recordings & fashion shows etc., My present profession can be attributed to the rich experience which I gained from my mentors.

Travelling is my hobby. I explored great continents like Australia and Africa etc., My experiences at the "line of the equator" and at the orgin of the river "Nile" were the most memorable.

In the year 2000, Networking technologies and hi-end methodologies of connectivity were in the ascend. This prompted me to start my own organisation. I did well by executing large Turn–Key projects......mmmmm.... started making my first big money.

Staying away from my sweet home for a very long period, executing large projects became tiresome. I begun to look for better opportunities, thereby changed my profile to be an educationist (In persuit of my dream to offer something valuable to the society). Nevertheless, I still continued to keep myself busy during weekends by touring, exploring and conducting events. This kept fatigue away ...:)

Well! just for "you" .........shared a few lines about myself......


My Experiences at work

1988-1990 – Hmmm! Finding my first job was rather diffucult.

In the early nineties being a young guy just out of school and doing my pre grads... well what do u expect,. I just found a part time job in the turf club. I was paid 2$ for a six hour job. Believe me this was the best salary for a college going student. "That was my pocket money"... mmm. Continued part time jobs until graduation...

1993-1999 – Completing my graduation

Graduation got me my first decent job in a premier Networking company at Bangalore. I recieved my first official salary. I joined as a Junior Engineer and beacame a Senior Project Engineer in four years....... executed a number of projects all over the country.

2000-2008 – Being Entrepreuner

Well! started my own organisation in the field of electronics and communication engineering. We executed large turn - key special projects.

Being Educationist

2003-2008 - An advertisement in a news dailiy changed me from an Entrepreuner to an Educationist.

I joined the CEC, Government of Karnataka as an ILO, This was the first step to being an educationist. Delivering Lectures, Industry Institute Enteraction, Liasisoning with the Government paved the way for the creation of my own Institution INSFAD. With the experiences at the CEC, NSFAD(T) was conceptualised.....

2008-2009 – Worked as General Manager Administration - NHRC, Africa