Founder Secreatry- NSFAD (T)

Conceptualised NSFAD in 2005, I was nominated as the Secretary - NSFAD Trust. Our mail vision and moto was to service the community with quality education. We always emphasised more on Job oriented Skill Based Programs[...]


Fashion Photography

Fashion Photograhy has always inspired me. I loved playing with the camera. Perhaps... i did take a few good exposures...Still love photography.... have a minolta and a Nikon... with Zoom... A few of my pics are in the gallery of this web site... hope u guys like it... anyway...


Director - INSFAD

Director - Academics and Administration of the first approved International School of Fashion Arts and Design, the institution is affiliated to Bangalore University and recognised by the Government\ of Karnataka [...]


I Have always been a counselor to my students[...]

When iam free from academics or administration activities, well i do undertake some counselling sessions for students and parents... As being an educationist, this has been my practical approach to understand the problems between parents and students.


CEO - 6reves.com

Founder Director

6reves.com was conceptualised with an intention to bring the Education related products closer to the students and society as a whole. 6 Reves.com conducts eduation fairs, promotions and product launches. ...]

My shows

I Still continue to do my shows and events when i have time..

Lately i have become busy with my schedules and jobs.... but still here and there i try to do some shows. l[...]

My Music and Fashion Shows

1994 - 2013
My first professional shows began in 1992-93

Our first shows began in 1992-93, I started as a hobby, but well didnt know that it would be lucrative.... anyway...I have conducted about 80-100 shows till date...i dont remember the right count anyway....

Organised Stage Shows
Indian market was booming I quickly saw the prospects in the industry, I organised a few live stage performances live "SPB live", "Hariharan Live" performances...... The market today is very competitive... anyway.... All i know is to keep doing some thing......all the time....